Lost in translation

Sometimes, when besieged with panic, medical students can say the funniest things and often times, because of a lack of language proficiency, sentences can be constructed in the weirdest manner.

Take for instance, sentences like these:

1. Pakcik, tolong turn sini (while examining the abdomen)

2. Makcik, tolong cough, cough, cough… (asking a woman to cough while examining the respiratory system)

3. Pakcik, saya mahu cucuk you di bawah sana (uttered by a doctor wanting to insert a continuous bladder drainage catheter)

4. Pakcik kita mahu buat lubang sini (uttered by a doctor before inserting a chest tube)

But this one, which I got from my Facebook page, probably takes the cake:

“Aunty pandai hisap tak?’ would translate into:

“Aunty, are you good at sucking?” !!!

And that, by any standards, would sound very wrong! LOL!

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