My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

Like Vagus, I have been a real good boy this year. And like him, I also did the laundry and dishes (heck, I even helped out with the ironing), I don’t vegetate in front of the TV watching football, I spend time with the kids, I buy my wife shoes and handbags; I have not scolded any of my patients (in fact, I can’t remember when I last scolded one), I didn’t fail any of my students in their exams, I was punctual (most of the time) for classes, meetings and appointments, I brush my teeth after every meal, I floss regularly, I shower all the time (at least 3 times a day) and I wash my hands before and after seeing every single patient.

My house don’t have a chimney, but when you fly by on Christmas eve, please stop by and drop off any (or all) of these ‘desires-of-my heart’:

1. A BMW 3 Series Sedan, preferably in the colour shown below. I would like it to come with a GPS system and leather fittings. State of the art sound system with Video-on-demand would be an extra bonus. Oh ya, remember to include free petrol vouchers for at least 2 years, stuffed in the glove-box as an added surprise (you know how expensive fuel is these days and you wouldn’t want me to have a car and NOT drive it, right?)

I’m dreaming of a black sedan….

2. An SLR Camera (preferably a Canon or Nikon) with a set of lenses that allow me to zoom in with clarity on the tip of a pimple of a person standing 5 miles away. Oh please, remember the leather carrying case and tripod too, an extra rechargeable battery would be great!

3. This one is for my kids: a new desktop computer with a 19″ TFT or LCD screen with a hard disk storage capacity of at least 300 GB (who knows, we might need to store plenty of downloaded illegal videos pictures and home videos). Our current desktop is more than 10 years old and has died an unexpected death.

4. This one is for my wife: an entire year’s supply of Jimmy Choo shoes, at one new pair per week. Something simple like this one below will be fine.


5. Just one more for myself: A cross trainer, preferably from a reputable brand, so I can whip myself into shape in preparation for the climb next March. I am sure you believe in ‘health is wealth’ and you wouldn’t want me to be in anyway disadvantaged while climbing that mountain right?

6. And for the world I would like to ask for: World Peace (I know it sounds a little cliche but it’s what everyone wants) and ‘Halt Global Warming’ though I believe it may actually be good!

I know, dear Santa, some of the things I asked for might be over your budget this year but please keep the list in mind when you budget for next year. I promise to remain the good boy that I am till then.:)

Merry Christmas and please, hug and give a peck on the cheek to dear old Mrs Claus for me ya! Thanks!

Ho! Ho! Ho!



Thurs, 201207 @ 1431; we are going to watch National Treasure 2!!! Yeah!